We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into….

So we had been bitten by the fondant bug and there was no going back.  We decided to start small…..a cottage made from loaf pans, filled, stacked and covered with fondant.  We found out early on that we seemed to complement each other pretty well.  I loved baking and working with fondant and Megan discovered her love of piping.  I will never forget our first experience of covering an entire cake with fondant.  It looked so easy when we watched people do it on the cake shows.  We started it around 8:00 one evening and it took us five hours.  The color was not what we wanted, the fondant was dry and cracking and it soaked up the oil from the buttercream when Megan piped it.  There was no going back.  We loved it.  We grabbed a little gnome figurine that Megan had in her room and a miniature wooden fence that I had in a drawer.  As hard and as frustrating as the whole experience had been, when we stood back and looked at it, we knew that this was just the beginning and we immediately started talking about what our next project would be.  I really think that we’ve learned a lot since that first cake but that little cottage cake will always hold a special place in my baker’s heart.



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  1. That’s still one of my favorites! 🙂 There’s a house over by Shafer that reminds me of this cottage. I think of you guys every time I pass it.

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