Feeding people…..

I love to feed people.  I don’t know what that’s about or where it comes from….some people call it the gift of hospitality, but I just know that I like to have food for people when they come to my house.  It’s kind of selfish really.  It makes me feel good.  I like to know that the people in my house are warm and fed and snuggled in.  So, when the cake thing started, it wasn’t really anything new, it was still fixing food for people, but it became more than that.  It was fixing food for people that was special for them.  Some of the first cupcakes that we made were for my nephew, Eric.  At that point, we were looking for any opportunity to try this new fondant thing and Eric happened to be at my house at the time of his birthday.  Perfect opportunity!!!  Eric loves the beach and so we decided to try to capture that in a cupcake.  We still didn’t get the whole idea of making everying on the cupcake/cake be edible so we ended up using paper umbrellas for effect.  We made an old family recipe for chocolate cake which seemed to be becoming my signature cake.  We also didn’t feel comfortable enough to do another cake (after the whole cottage fiasco) so we decided to stick with cupcakes.  Blue gel for water, brown sugar for sand and chocolate stones…..they weren’t perfect by any stretch but they were another step in our fondant journey.  By this time, we knew that we had a lot to learn.  Megan and I love to be students and, without having the time or the funds to go to culinary school, we started reading, watching videos and learning as much as we could about cakes and fondant…..



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