Cake Dorks

Megan and I realized, early on, that making cakes is such a happy thing to do.  Well, let me clarify, maybe not the actual making, but the whole purpose behind the cakes and cupcakes that we do is to be part of a celebration.  Think about it, you have a baby shower and you serve cake.  You have a wedding and you serve cake.  You have a birthday and you serve cake.  After all, let them eat cake, which, by the way, after careful research, we discovered that there is no evidence to prove that Marie Antoinette ever uttered that phrase.  I digress.  Cake has become such a part of American celebrations and that is one of the things that we are enjoying about making cakes.  It’s always about a happy time.

The reason why “caking” is such a good fit for us, though, is because, as Megan mentioned in a previous post, our family celebrates everything.  We don’t really need a special reason to bake a cake.  So, not only do we celebrate everything, now we have cakes to go along with the everythings that we celebrate.  Now granted, Memorial Day is a celebration.  It always seems to be the launching pad for summer.  It’s a time when you usually come together with friends and family for the first cookout of the season.  This year, Memorial Day came at a time when our cake-making was just beginning to build up a good head of steam.  Okay.  We’ve decided to call ourselves cake dorks.  How many people do you know that make a three tiered cake for Memorial Day?!  I know, right?!  Seems a little ridiculous, but there it is.  So now, not only do we celebrate everything but we make a cake to go with it.

This was our first tiered cake, 3 different flavors, 3 different fillings.  It even had the little springy things with fondant balls on the top.  We are cake dorks.

Still not needing a reason, we took cupcakes to the guy who does our hair……we tried to match them to the decor of the salon.

Last Sunday, my first grandson was dedicated in church.  You guessed it.  We made a cake.

Megan went to Russia to teach English again this summer.  Yep.  When she came home…..

And this is only the beginning…..I wonder where it will end?  Will it end?  or will still be making cakes when I’m too old to hold an offset spatula?  Hmmmmmm……I wonder what kinds of cakes we’ll be doing then.  “Mama is getting her new set of teeth today, let’s make a cake!!”  or, “My new orthopedic shoes just came in, let’s make a cake!”  or maybe, “I’m celebrating my 15th great-granchild, I’ll make a cake!!”  Probably by that time, I’ll have blood sugar problems and won’t be allowed to even handle powdered sugar.

Until then, we’ll keep making cakes.  We’ll celebrate Thatcher’s first day of school, his first homerun and his high school graduation (insert tears here) with a cake.  Bottom line, we will continue to celebrate life….because that’s how we roll (or should I say, bake).



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  1. Hahaha!!!! I hope you take pictures of the “mama is getting her new set of teeth today” cake 🙂 I keep making excuses up to “get rid” of all the desserts I make -lol! I gave my neighbor cookies once for keeping her dog from pooping in my yard– its a good thing I don’t decorate cakes…that would have been an interesting one! 🙂

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