You never know….

If we continue this blog for any length of time, I suppose that Megan and I will wax philosophical from time to time.  That’s the way we are.  We spend a great deal of time talking about life, where we’ve come from, where we are and what the Lord has for us in the future.  Our family has been through a lot of hard times over the years.  We pray, we analyze our situation and we count our blessings.

Megan is a teacher who lost her job 18 months ago.  She loves teaching, and her kids and parents loved her.  She worked hard to get a master’s degree in school administration.  I am a Christian Counselor.  It took me twice as long as most people to get my degrees.  I started years ago, raised a family and then finished school just last year.  I counseled for about six months and then my situation changed and I haven’t seen any clients for several months.

At this point, you are probably asking what does any of this have to do with cakes?  Well…in the last several months, Megan and I have wondered many, many times, why neither of us are doing what we felt led to do.  We’re baking cakes.  We bake at least two cakes a week.  We’re trying to figure out what it would take to turn this into a business….and……we love it.  We get so excited every time we have a new project.  It’s so much fun to figure out what we need for each cake, especially if it’s something that we haven’t done before.  Bottom line, we’re having a blast.

Somewhere along the way, I started feeling a little guilty because I was baking instead of counseling.  I thought, “What am I contributing to mankind?”  Does that sound silly?  For many years, I worked my tail off trying to take care of home, family, withstand the storms of life and finish my degree……and now, I’m baking cakes.  I felt so burdened by it that I talked to my pastor.  He’s very young, but so wise, and do you know what he said to me?  He said, “Do you enjoy making cakes?”  I hesitated and almost felt guilty for saying, “yes.”  And then he said, “Don’t you think that sometimes God gives you things to enjoy?”

Our family has withstood too many trials to count.  We have been through cancer, lost loved ones, job losses, financial difficulties, a family member with Alzheimer’s…..I could go on and on.  Somewhere along the way, you get to a point where you feel like you’re just bracing yourself for the next onslaught…..and then you get to bake a cake.  And it’s not just any cake.  It’s a cake that makes a little boy smile.  It’s a cake that is the hit of a glitzy party.  It’s a cake that celebrates a brand new baby.  And it makes us happy.  Megan and I have as much fun seeing the happy faces of the people receiving the cake as they do getting it.

We live in a hard, cruel world.  There is pain and suffering everywhere.  But sometimes, just sometimes, God gives us something to enjoy.  Something that we absolutely love to do.  Something that takes us out of the everyday, lifts our spirits, challenges us and, here’s the payoff, it makes other people happy too.  So, I’m going to thank my pastor, Joseph Velarde, once again, for reminding me that sometimes God gives us things to enjoy and I’m going to thank the Lord for giving us this season of baking cakes.



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  1. Seeing your cakes is (and I don’t know why) something that makes me happy! 🙂 So, God gave you something that you enjoy so that others can enjoy it, too! However long it lasts (a short while or a long while), I’m glad you’re doing it now! Oh, I “don’t” secretly live vicariously through you. And, I’m “not” the president of your fan club. And, I totally “don’t” stalk your FB pages for new pictures. I “didn’t” purposefully stop commenting on your new pictures so you don’t find me out. 😉

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