Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful queen and she lived in a land far away across a great valley.  She was married to a handsome king and she had a little princess and a little prince whom she loved very much.  She lived in a beautiful castle decorated with things from her many journeys.

Now the queen was going to have a birthday and she decided that she would have a marvelous celebration.  She would have the best food and invite her friends to celebrate with her.  She began her preparations but there was something missing.  She needed a cake.  After all, every queen who had a birthday celebration should have a very special cake.

Far away, across the valley, lived two little cake fairies.  They had a cottage in the woods, surrounded by beech trees and oak trees and one little hawthorne tree.  Sometimes, if you passed by their cottage you could see their tiny windows glowing well into the night.  You see, the cake fairies baked cakes all the day long and many times into the night.

The cake fairies loved to bake special cakes to make people feel special for special times, so when the Queen asked the cake fairies to bake the cake for her special birthday celebration, they were happy to help.  The Queen told the fairies what she wanted to have and went on her way.  The cake fairies looked at each other with a blank stare on their faces and said, “Uh Oh!”  This would be the hardest, most complicated cake that they had ever baked.  They didn’t want to disappoint the Queen, though, so they went right to work.

The cake fairies went to their magic box.  Their magic box had lots of pictures of cakes and sometimes the magic box would talk to them and tell them how to bake cakes.  The cake fairies looked at lots of pictures in the magic box and decided that they could make the Queen’s cake, although it would probably be the biggest, best, but hardest cake that they had ever done.

The cake fairies worked night and day and day and night and the Queen’s birthday was fast approaching.  Suddenly, the day arrived for the Queen’s special birthday celebration.  The cake fairies worked well into the night on the day before the celebration and finally, the beautiful cake was finished.  They stood back and looked at the cake and were happy and then they went to bed.

The next day, the cake fairies took the cake to the Queen.  The Queen was very happy with the cake.  It was exactly what she wanted.  The cake fairies went home to their little cottage in the woods.  But, the story does not end there…

The Queen looked at the cake.  The cake was her favorite cake and on the cake was a shoe, a purse, a necklace and a lipstick, all made of the cake fairies special sugar.  The Queen looked closer at the cake.  Oh, no!!!  The Queen’s shoe was sinking into the cake!  The pearl necklace that was laying on the shoe was breaking!!  What was she going to do?!  Her friends were arriving for the celebration in just a little while.  She cried out to the cake fairies!!

“Cake fairies, there’s something wrong with my cake!!  Can you please, please come fix it?”  The cake fairies looked at each other and began to panic.  “What should we do?”  The cake fairies raced back to the castle from far across the valley.  The shoe was, indeed, sinking into the cake.  “Oh, no!!  Oh, no!!”  The shoe was too heavy for the cake.  When the cake fairies looked into the magic box with all the pictures, they had decided to make the shoe their own way.  They didn’t stick to the rules!!

The pondered for a brief moment, there wasn’t any time to spare.  They decided to turn the shoe so that the weight of the shoe was resting on the purse.  Whew!!!  Then, they had extra pearls so they were able to fix the necklace!!  Thank goodness!!  They stood back and look at the fixed cake and it looked as good as new!!  They realized that they were very fortunate to be able to fix the cake.

The Queen had a wonderful celebration!!  There was lots of cake, lots of laughter and everyone was happy.  The cake fairies learned a very important lesson.  Rules are rules for a reason!!  They protect you so that shoes don’t sink into cakes and pearl necklaces don’t break.  They decided that, from now on, they would always stick to the rules…..well, most of the time.

And everyone lived happily, ever after…..cakes.


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