Lights, camera, action……

Sometimes doing cakes is very exciting.  You are moving at breakneck speed to get everything done in time for delivery.  Flour, corn starch and powdered sugar fly in clouds so thick that you can’t see the other side of the kitchen.  We’ve even borrowed Bethie’s stand mixer in order to do more batter and buttercream at one time.  Cupcakes line up like rows of soldiers standing at attention on the dining room table.

Other times, things can get extremely tedious.  For example, doing hundreds of tiny, little fondant rosebuds for 125 cupcakes.  We love the detail work, but at 1:00 a.m., when you’ve been making fondant rosebuds for 2 hours, things get a little monotonous.  Sometimes it’s nice to have something to do while you’re mindlessly making hundreds of anything.

We are movie people.  We love movies.  One of our favorite questions to ask people is, “What are your top five favorite movies?”  You end up with all kinds of answers.  Some people say, “Well, it depends on the genre.”  Others say, “There’s no way I could nail it down to just five!”  We’re kind of in the latter group.  We have so many movies that are our favorites, there’s no way that we could nail it down to five.

We especially love BBC classic movies.  We LOVE Masterpiece Theater and we really, really LOVE Elizabeth Gaskell movies:  Wives and Daughters, Cranford, Return to Cranford, and my personal favorite, North and South.  We watch them over and over again.  We watch them so much that we have a lot of our favorite lines memorized.  We never get tired of them.  Which, turns out, is a good thing.  There’s nothing better than popping a BBC movie into your computer, sit it on the kitchen table and have a movie playing when you have 293 fondant rosebuds left to make.

This routine of putting movies in the computer while sitting at the kitchen table began to take shape in our early days.  Well…I realize that some of us have some attention issues and need the stimulation but we’re not going to go there in this particular blog.  It has so established itself that I even did it when Megan was in Russia and I was working on cakes by myself.  As a matter of fact, Gracie, who doesn’t do anything with the cakes except eat them, sat at the kitchen table with me, well into the wee small hours of the night (isn’t that a great phrase….what is a wee, small hour anyway?).

The funny part is, when I look back at our cake pictures, I can tell you what movies we watched for which cake.  I will always look at a particular cake and associate a particular movie with a that cake, especially if there was a lot of detail involved.  What’s even funnier, sometimes the movie seems to suit the cake.

If you’ve ever seen the flowers in the opening scenes of My Fair Lady, you can easily see how I would have been inspired to do these roses while watching it.

We watched Despicable Me while I worked on this little girl.

So, from the way things are shaping up, we’re going to need lots more ideas for movies to inspire our detail time.  Here are some of the themes that we have coming up for cakes……video game, American Heart Association, baseball, 60th birthday…….recommendations would be appreciated……   🙂

Isn’t it funny how we combine our passions?  Now if I could just figure out how to bake cakes, make fondant and watch movies…..all while I’m sitting on the beach, I’d be in great shape!!


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