We’re All In This Together!

We’re all in this together!

Ok, I did steal that line from High School Musical.  I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself.  The thing is that it really applies.  We’re all in this together!  This has been a team effort from the beginning.  There have been so many people that been involved from the beginning, and each of them really has a different role in making this a successful venture.

To start, we have the players.  This would be my mother and I.  We’re the ones who get our hands dirty.  The ones who work together…sometimes well…sometimes not so well.  We’ve got our “Heads In The Game”.  Sorry again, I couldn’t resist mentioning a little High School Musical.  We are right in the middle of things when cake making gets intense.  We strategize together.  We know each other’s strengths, and we know each other’s weaknesses.

Then we have our team manager.  This is Jeremy.  He deals with the logistics of playing the game. When the players get all hyped up, and excited about the game (making a cake), the manager brings us down to earth and helps us to focus on the job that needs to get accomplished.  He is also the one that helps lay out the game plan, helping us to work together as a team.

There are always fans.  This is my father and my sister Gracie.  They sit and soak in the fast paced excitement all around them.  They buy their refreshments…or in this case they taste the cakes and fillings as they are being made.  They watch with baited breath.  Their hearts leap at the thought of the team pulling out a victory.  Will the cake get finished?!  Will it get delivered on time?!  Well, I may have gotten a little dramatic.  Although, just like with any sport, the fans are a crucial part of the game.  They help to motivate you.  They are there watching, and let’s just face it…it just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Then there is a team mom.  Every team needs a team mom.  In our case, the team mom is actually my sister, Bethie.  The team mom provides support.  Every good team mom brings snacks…well, maybe she doesn’t do that.  However, she does come up with a lot of the creative ideas behind some of our cakes.  If we can get something to work, or we need to figure something out, who do we turn to?  Our team mom, of course!   And what do kids usually say after a game?  “Thanks Mom.”  Although, I guess it would really be, “Thanks sister.” 🙂

We also have our team mascot.  You ask, who this could possibly be…well, that would be my nephew Thatcher.  Why, you ask?  Well, just because he is so cute.

Then one of my favorite parts of our cake making team are the cheerleaders.  Everyone has been so encouraging.  However, there are some that always bring a smile to my face.  Whether it is through comments on the blog, things said on facebook, or the kind things they have said face-to-face, our cheerleaders do their job well.  They do what all cheerleaders should.  They know just the right cheer to help motivate us on to the goal.  When the game is over, and the cake has been delivered, our cheerleaders cheer for us louder than anyone else.  Thank you to all of our wonderful cheerleaders out there.

All of that being said, we really are all in this together(And no, we never do the High School Musical dance in the kitchen…ok, maybe we do)!  We couldn’t do what we do without all of the support that we have had.  Big or small, we are thankful for everyone that helps us win the game…and who knows…maybe, we’ll just have to celebrate our victories with some cake. 🙂



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  1. Seriously, Jennie, we wanted to name names but weren’t sure that people would want us to do that or not. I would say, though, that you and Anne, are definitely captains on the cheerleading squad!!!!!


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