A Friend Is Someone Who Thinks You’re A Good Egg Even If You’re Half-Cracked

As I have written before, this whole cakes thing has been a team effort.  It has included so many more people other than just my mother and I making the actual cake.  We really appreciate the support that you all have given us.  The great thing about all of this cake craziness is not only the support that our friends have given us, but the creative ways in which they have supported us.

So, this post is kind of like one of those speeches you hear on TV where you thank everyone who has been there through your journey.  Please don’t take this as a finale’.  We are still going strong making cakes, and who knows where this journey will lead.  I just want to, not only thank the people who have been there for us, but also to share with you all the awesome ways in which we have people cheering us on.

First, I can’t forget any of the people who have ordered one of our cakes.  You have supported us simply by believing in us enough to want us to make you a cake.

Then, we have Jeremy.  He has possibly been one of our biggest supporters.  He has been the logical thinker in this whole process.  He has come up with spreadsheets and forms to help us on the business end of things.  He has helped us  talk through many different aspects of making cakes.  Sometimes we talk about cakes so much that others get tired of our constant cake chatter, but not Jeremy.  He has also supported us in the way of delivering cakes.  He is, by far, our best delivery person. 🙂 Thanks J!

Bethie is our surprise supporter.  I have to be honest and say that she was a bit reluctant at first, but I am glad that she seems to enjoy being more invovled with the cake process now.  Actually, Bethie is our problem solver.  She likes to come up with ways in which we can do things better and more efficiently.  She is quality control.  Many times she will look over every square inch of the cake to make sure that everything is perfect.  She also supports in the delivery of cakes.  I like having her along for the journey!  Thanks, Bethie!

My friend, Ruthanne, has also been a big supporter.  She is the reason that you are reading this blog.  She is the one that introduced me to the world of blogging about food.  She also is the one that has given me the obbsession with Food Gawker.  Food Gawker is a website that posts pictures of food that people have submitted.  I have yet to get a photo accepted, but she is always there supporting me by giving me tips that can help me the next time I take pictures. Thanks, Ruthanne! (P.S. Ruthanne, come and visit, and we will make a cake for you!)

Bob and Sonia, have supported us through technology.  They are helping us to get our website up and running.  We have spent much time talking about email addresses, blogs, photo galleries, and much more.  Thanks, Bob and Sonia!

Michelle, has been a great supporter!!!!  She has given us support in several ways.   She supported us early on by presenting us with our most challenging cake up to that point. (Her zebra print cake is still up there as one of my favorite cakes so far.)  She also has given us the opportunity to share what we do.  Michelle invited us to bring cupcakes to a fundraiser for the American Heart Association so that people could get to see what we do.  She also helped to guide us in naming our little company. 😉  Thanks, Michelle!

We also have Brian and Derek who have talked and schemed about how they would be investors if we decided to open a bakery.  It may only have been joking, but it still means a lot that people believe in us enough that they would want to invest in our company.  Thanks Brian and Derek!

Then there is Katrina.  She gave us early opportunities to make cakes.  Not only did we make a couple of cakes for her, but she gave us creative freedom.  It is so encouraging to have someone support you enough that they trust you so much that she let us be creative.  In all honesty, that scares and excites me.  I think, “Wow, this is great.  We can do anything.”  Then I think, “Wow, what if it doesn’t look like what they expected.”  Yet, Katrina had faith in us.  Thanks, Katrina!

Next are our  perpetual encouragers.  Some of our biggest encouragers are Jennie, Beth, Ruth, Kim, Robert and Jennifer, and Anne.  These are the others, and just like at the award shows, I don’t want to leave anyone out.  I get excited to post pictures on facebook, becuase I know that these encouragers will see them.  When I see a comment from them it makes my day.  When I think, “What in the world am I doing making cakes?”  They are there to encourage us to keep going.  Not only do they encourage along the way, but many of these people have challenged us to do new and different things.  Thanks, Jennie, Beth, Ruth, Kim, Robert and Jennifer, Anne, and so many others

My grandmother has been a very sweet supporter.  She came to stay with us not too long ago, and it was one of those crazy weeks where we had a couple of cakes due.  We had Thatcher’s dedication cake.  We also had a wedding where we were making 125 cupcakes.  This was the week where we stayed up until 3am two nights in a row.  Who stayed up with us?  Who followed us from room to room watching us as we worked?  My grandmother.  It was precious.  She also showed her support for us by giving us a cake plate.  Now, this isn’t just any cake plate.  This is a cake plate that belonged to my great-great grandmother.   She wanted us to have it.  Just the simple fact that she wanted us to have this cake plate, because she knew that we were making cakes warms my heart.  Thanks, Grandmother (or as we say in our house…Grumather)!

So, thank you to all of our supporters out there.  We wouldn’t be doing what we are doing without you.  It still amazes me that people ask us to make cakes for them.  Everyone stop and think for a second…can you remember the cake for your 16th birthday party, your 30th birthday, your 40th birthday,  your wedding shower, your bridal shower, your wedding?  I am sure that you remember at least one cake from a monumental occassion.  It always intimidates me that we are making the cakes that people will remember for a very long time….but then…..our supporters come out in full force cheering us on in so many different ways.  I just can’t say thank you enough!!!!


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  1. 🙂 awww… I don’t think I could decide what kind of cake I’d want….? Something I could help with and learn fondant technique 🙂 Every time I think of you guys I think of LAST Halloween and the Statue of Liberty and I want to just hop on a plane so I can give you all big hugs!!

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