Children’s Literature…Cake Style

Hello blog friends!

It has been awhile since I have contributed to the blog, and I have missed being a part of the blogging world.  As you have probably read, Happily Ever After Cakes has had an extremely busy summer with cakes, and because of that I have been remiss in writing.

Awhile ago I had a very good friend come to me wanting a cake for her son’s first birthday.  As many of you know I am a teacher.  I love teaching, and I am so blessed to be able to do two things that I enjoy…teaching and decorating cakes.  Well, this friend is also a teacher, a great teacher, and I had the privilege to work with her for four years.  Anyway, she had us put her on our cake calendar to save the date.  I didn’t know what theme she would want, but I enjoy doing cakes for her because she gives us an idea and lets us run with it.  I love when we get to be creative with the cakes that we do!

As it got closer to the date of the party we started to talk about what she was looking for with the cake.  I found out that she wanted to do an Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar theme.  If you don’t know who Eric Carle is let me introduce you.  He is an children’s book author and illustrator, and for the record, he is one of my favorites!!!  I couldn’t have been more excited to create this cake.Image

If you have ever read The Very Hungry Caterpillar you know that the caterpillar eats through fruit, leaves, and all kinds of food.  Part of the creative genius of Eric Carle is that he always does something to capture the interest of children.  So, in The Very Hungry Caterpillar there are holes in the food throughout the pages of the book.  As I was getting ready to start this cake my teacher instinct took over and I had to read through the book.  Coincedentally, my little nephew was at our home for the day, and I believe that it is never too early to introduce him to the greatness of Eric Carle.  So, I sat down with him, and just as I hoped, he was captivated…well…mostly, he just enjoyed sticking his little fingers through the holes in the book


I finished reading to him, and got to work.  I propped the book up in front of me so that I could start to copy the pictures in gumpaste.  The next thing I knew my nephew was out at the table reaching up to sit on my lap to look at the book again.  We looked at it for a little while, and then I put him down so that I could get back to work…yeah, he started to cry.  My sister had taught him some simple sign language so that he could communicate before he learned to talk.  He just stood next to me saying please in sign language, and that means that he just stood there rubbing his belly.  He couldn’t have been any cuter.    How can you say no to that?  He just wanted to look at the book, and of course the teacher in me I couldn’t say no to his wanting to look at a book.  That meant that I had to settle with looking at little pictures of the book online while my little nephew scampers off with book in hand to look at the the pictures.  As I sat there, my teacher heart could not have been more happy.  I was able to introduce my nephew to the wonderful world of Eric Carle, and I was also able to sit there decorating a Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake.  Super fun!  


There I am, working away, and the next thing I know a little finger is reaching towards my cake!!!!!!!!  Apparently, my nephew had finished looking at the book, and was back out to see what his Auntie M was doing.  I guess I should be flattered that the pictures on the cake looked enough like the pictures in the book, because his little finger was reaching for the round hole on the cake.  Haha!!!!  Thankfully, I was able to reach him before his finger reached the cake!!!!!  Crisis averted!!!!! 


We have mentioned several times how cake delivery is one of our favorite parts.  We love to see the reaction of the people we have made the cake for.  Well, this one was worth it!  It was fun to have my friend’s children sit there and watch us put the cake together as their mother, in true teacher fashion, had introduced them to Eric Carle books.  

Ami, I am so glad to have been able to make this cake for your little boy’s special day!!!!  I hope that it was a wonderful day to remember!!!



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  2. Hi, just wanted to know if you are doing any tutorials…love your little people and Iam just starting out myself,trying to learn as much as I can but faces,hands and feet seem to be my enemy. You give me hope,thanks Carmen, Tampa,fl

    • Hi Carmen!! Sorry we didn’t reply to your comment sooner, but you can probably tell by the last blog posted that we haven’t been here for a little while. Thank you for the compliment!! No, we haven’t really done any tutorials but have often contemplated doing that. Our people have come through much trial and error. It took us a long time to get to be friends with gum paste!! Hang in there, though, it just takes time and patience!!! Best wishes, and be patient with yourself!!

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