Back again….

I could give you all kinds of excuses why we haven’t written anything in a long time and all of them would be true…..but I’m a bottom-line kind of person and, frankly, I just haven’t felt like writing.  I’ve said before that if you are looking for an instructional cake blog, this isn’t it.  We do cakes but we also live life and I can’t separate the two, and so I either write about cakes and life or I don’t write at all.  We’ve had another interesting year and by interesting, I mean, not so great.  After a series of pitfalls this year, that come from living on this planet, I find that most days, it takes great effort to motivate myself to just put one foot in front of the other, let alone write for the blog.

Wow, that sounds really depressing.  Sorry.  One of my goals with the blog has been to always try to be uplifting but life happens and, as many of you have already read, I can’t separate out the blog from living life.

I’m not going to go into the gory details here.  We all have rotten things that happen to us, sometimes for seemingly no reason, sometimes because we do stupid things.  This year has been a combination of both.  Just know that Megan and I have continued to do cakes and work at perfecting our art in the midst of a bunch of stinky trials.  Everyone struggles.  We all go through stuff.  I believe it all has a purpose though and the struggles that come just seem to cement my faith in God all the more.  I love Him.  Period.  He sustains me through difficult times and inspires me to be thankful for all that He has done for me……including allowing Megan and I to continue to do cakes.

So…..speaking of cakes……

We are not quite as crazy busy as we were back in the spring and early summer.  We’ve slowed to a steady stream, probably because we have decided that we no longer want to pursue cakes as a business.  We have decided that this is our creative outlet.  It is our art, and that’s how we have been treating it.  We do just enough cakes to give us a creative outlet, but not enough to be overwhelmed and we are more than happy to do it this way.  We say no a lot more than we used to and we try to take scheduled time off.  It keeps us fresh and not bogged down with the pressure of taking on more than we can handle.  We want our cakes to be unique, individual pieces of art and you can’t do that when you are mass producing them.  You also can’t produce a piece of art when you are tearing your hair out, wondering how you are going to do seven cakes in six days.

We are still learning.  We have a long way to go.  But we are much more comfortable and much more able to engineer as a result of knowing fondant and gumpaste well enough to know what they are capable of and what is just too much for them to handle.  I can’t say that we’ve had any really difficult engineering challenges lately and, our cake battles seem to be fewer and much further between.  We did have one particularly difficult situation recently but, again, it went back to not being clear with each other with the concept.  We draw a picture of every cake before we begin to build it and that keeps us on the same page, creatively speaking, so that we have the same picture in our heads.

So, we’re back.  At least for now.  We’ve definitely fallen into a rhythm and I really think that rhythm needs to include blogging.  We know that you like to see pictures and many of you have told us that you enjoy hearing about our cake escapades.  We will try to accommodate you and write more often than we have been.

We’re still here, and we hope that you are too.


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