“To all who have come to this magical place, welcome.” Walt Disney

If you know the Davis family at all you know that something we love even more than cakes is Disney Word.  We are a little addicted, and when I say a little, I really mean that are pretty hardcore Disney fans.  Well, a couple of weeks ago we made our trek to Disney, the happiest place on earth.  We pack up our things, board the magical aircraft, and head towards a land filled with pixie dust and……well, CAKE of course!


We go to Disney World ever two years.  I am one of three girls.  We are all in our twenties.  My sister is married, and has a baby.  We all laugh every time, because we talk about going other places, but when it comes time to think about where we want to go on our family vacation the answer is always the same.  DISNEY WORLD!!!!!

I know that some of you may think that Disney is a place to go once or twice.  It is a place that you only go to when you have little kids.  I politely disagree…well, I may look at you with a crazy expression and think you are a little nuts for not wanting to go to Disney for every vacation, but to each his own, right?!

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Anyway, Disney world is a wonderful place where you can go and be completely immersed in the magic.  You can forget your life at home, and truly be a kid again.  You can wear matching outfits, and be considered perfectly normal.  You can walk into a fancy restaurant with Mickey ears on, and no one looks at you like you are crazy.  It is a place full of fun, laughter, great music, great food, and of course one of the most important things about Disney are the great desserts!

So, for this post, I am going to do something a little out of the ordinary.  I am not posting pictures of our cakes.  I am posting pictures and talking about some of the ways in which Disney does dessert.  Last time we went to Disney my mother and I looked at Disney like any other Disney fan.  This time it was a little different.  This time we looked at Disney through the eyes of baker/cake decorators.

One of the truly magical things about Disney is the fact that they make everything a celebration.  So, for this trip we had two celebrations. The first celebration was my nephew’s first trip to Disney World.  He was so adorable.  He loved Nemo and Buzz Lightyear.  And any time he heard music he liked to dance.  I know he is still very little, but you could see how the magic of Disney impacted this little boy.



The second celebration we had was my sister’s birthday.  We ate at her favorite Italian restaurant, Mama Melrose’s, and she got a cake with her favorite Disney character.


My very favorite thing to do at Disney World has always been to go to France in the World Showcase.  There is a little pastry shop that has the best Napoleons I have ever had.  They are truly amazing.  You get your dessert and coffee, and you eat it at these little wrought iron tables on this quaint cobblestone street.  You really feel like you are sitting in a little European town eating pastries.  Truly my favorite part!!!!


My brother-in-law also has a favorite dessert at Disney World.  Like in France, Norway has a pastry shop.  This pastry shop has a unique dessert called school bread.  It is an amazing doughnut like pastry filled with a light custard and topped with icing and coconut.  I wish I had the recipe, but alas, I will just have to be content to get it on each Disney visit.



This year we discovered a fun new dessert.  We were so excited about it, because what better for cake decorators than to find than cupcakes!!!!  These cupcakes were amazing.  Very chocolaty and good.  We found these late one night at the Animal Kingdom.  These were the perfect end to a long day in the park.


Now is the time where you have permission to laugh at how cake decorating has brought out the craziness is us.  One day we were walking through a fast food restaurant at MGM (now Disney Hollywood Studies, but I refuse to call it anything but MGM), and I saw a woman sitting there about to eat what looked like an incredible cupcake.  My mother told me to go ask if I could take a picture of the cupcake.  So, can you guess what I did?  Yes, I walked up to a complete stranger to ask if I could take a picture of her cupcake.  She was very nice about it, as people usually seem to be more friendly at Disney, and she very graciously let me take a few pictures.


We also stumbled upon a great coffee shop while visiting MGM.  This is what we found…





At the coffee shop I got a carrot cake cookie with cream cheese frosting in the middle.


Another one of our favorite things to do (as you have seen, there are many things we like to do at Disney) is to eat at the different countries in the World Showcase.  These are a couple of the wonderful things we sampled.

England – Sticky Toffee Pudding


Germany – Red Velvet Cake


Germany – Cherry Compote with vanilla sauce


England – Cheesecake with a caramelized banana and whipped cream

Now that you think all I do is eat dessert, I will make a disclaimer…there were six adults on this trip, and I am pretty sure that I started to frustrate them all by the end of the trip.  I am sure you know the phrase, “You can’t have dessert until you eat all of you meal.”  Well, the saying of this trip was, “You can’t have your dessert until Megan takes a picture.”

It was a very magical trip.  Disney succeeds again in making our family vacation one to remember!  So, thank you Disney.  You never fail in making Disney World the Happiest Place on Earth.




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