The Long and Winding Road……

We’ve missed you.  We’ve missed being here on the blog.

“Let me ‘splain, no, let me sum up.”  (Anybody know where that quote is from?)

It’s not that we stopped doing cakes and had nothing to write about.  On the contrary, we are still doing cakes and have tons of stuff to write about.


It’s not that we didn’t want to be here.  There have been plenty of cake stories and life stories that we’ve wanted to share with you.  But we’ve been on a very long and winding road, cake-wise and life-wise, and it’s been very difficult to put things into words.  Our family has, once again, gone through a series of unfortunate events and it’s hard to be funny and uplifting when your heart is breaking.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t necessarily write this blog to be funny and uplifting, it just kind of ends up that way.  My Mother always said that if you can’t laugh at life and at yourself then you’re in big trouble.  That perspective flows through my fingers, jumps onto the letters on the keyboard, and ends up on the page that you’re reading here.  We laugh at ourselves and the ironies of life……a lot.


And I guess, in looking back at the blog, we’ve written about some pretty heartbreaking things here too……things like my Mother’s house being flooded, and losing my precious furry friends, Saboo and Gypsy.

So if I’m being true to form, and as I’ve said, many times before, that if you’re looking for a how-to on baking cakes, or covering cakes with fondant, this might not be the blog that you’re looking for (although sometimes we slip into teacher mode).  If, however, you are a looking for a blog where a family lives life with all the joys, celebrations, heartaches, and sorrows that go with it, with a few cakes thrown in here and there, then you might just be in the right place.


So we’re back.

We’ve wanted to come back for a while.  It’s just when you put the keyboard pen down, sometimes it’s hard to pick it up again.  I’ve been trying to decide where to pick up to start writing again.  Megan and I have had so many conversations about coming back and connecting with everyone here again.  We just had the wind knocked out of us and it’s been hard to find the motivation to write.  My motivation finally came at a party that I went to today.  We were talking cakes, people always seem to have lots of questions for us, and one of the sweet ladies at the party (yes, you know who you are, and, by the way…..thank you) told us that she missed the blog.  That was all I needed to hear.

A lot of cakes have come and gone since we last wrote.  I will try to do some catching up in the next few blogs but you’ll have to be patient with us as we get our blog momentum going again.


Just to ease the suspense somewhat, as to what’s been going on with us…….

I had a brief run-in with cancer which turned out to be okay but it really rattled my chains for a little while and took up a whole lot more space in my brain than I should have allowed.

My married daughter has had three miscarriages in the last year and our whole family has felt the sorrow of these losses.

We did well at the competition back in February but things went a little askew and we had to do some major evaluation of what we were doing with cakes.  We are not a business and we were looking a lot like a business.  We can’t pretend to be something that we’re not.  So we’ve scaled way back on the cakes that we are doing.  We’re still doing a lot of cakes but they are only for family and close friends……and because of some of the things that have happened in the past few months with our cakes, we have re-evaluated why we do cakes and here’s what we came up with.

First of all, in spite of all the stress, all the cake battles, all of the time sacrifice…in spite of all of that….we love to craft a cake.  We love the smell of cakes baking, the feel of gumpaste in our hands, and the blank canvas of fresh fondant on a cake.  We love to create a concept on a piece of paper and watch it come to life in sugar.  We love to match the color of a piece of ribbon, or take a one dimensional barnyard animal from a party plate and make it three dimensional.  We love our art.


Second, we do cakes because we can.  The fondant monster was born a couple of years ago when Megan and I learned how to do fondant for my middle daughter’s baby shower, and we took to it like a baby fish learns to swim.  I still look at the pictures of our cakes and wonder where it all came from.  God must really have a sense of humor…..years ago I longed to take a Wilton cake decorating class but I never seemed to have the extra time or money.  I know that God must have been thinking, “Wait until she sees what I have in store for her!”  God gave us the ability to create these cakes and we enjoy doing it, so, as long as He allows us, we will continue to make cakes just because we can.


Lastly, and most importantly, we LOVE PEOPLE with our cakes.  We love people.  We love cakes.  We love to bring the two together.  I CANNOT tell you how much we love reactions!!  I can tell you that for every minute of blood (not really), sweat (well, it does get pretty hot in the kitchen sometimes), and tears (have I mentioned our cake battles), the payoff is to have someone look at one of our cakes and tell us that it turned out to be more than they expected that it to be.  When someone looks at our cake and starts to cry because it is exactly what they wanted……that’s why we do cakes.  We LOVE TO MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY WITH THESE CAKES.  We know that most people will never have the opportunity to have a cake like they see on cake shows so that makes it even more exciting for us, knowing that we can provide a special cake for a special celebration.  There is something about a cake that is designed specifically for a person that seems to touch peoples’ hearts.


So, we’re back.  We’ll try to be more faithful with our writing.  We’re thankful for those of you who have been out there waiting for us.  We’ll keep doing cakes and sharing our stories about cakes, and life, and we’ll keep posting pictures.  Feel free to leave us a comment or share one of your stories with us.  We love to hear from you.

Thanks for waiting for us.  You’re why we’re here.


P.S. Point of information……for those of you who had been subscribed to our blog, we’ve had some glitches with the blog and we lost your subscription. If you are still interested in having our blog delivered to you via email, you will have to re-subscribe to the blog. Happy ‘caking’……


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