Traveling, Baking, and Friends…It doesn’t get much better than that!

Hello blogging world! I know, I know…it has been ages since I have written a blog. When I started the blog, I started it for my mother. I knew how much she liked to write. So, I am always happy to sit and watch her writing ideas come out on this blog. Well, every once in awhile I get the urge to write. Strangely enough, this cake adventure is without my cake partner. When I have been in Russia and Slovakia my mother has posted about how strange it has been to be without her cake partner, and now I know how she feels. This cake adventure was one for the books, but it was a little strange to be without my partner in crime…I mean, partner in cake.

So, today I am going to share some of my adventures with my dear friend Ruthanne from EasyBaked. (After you are done reading our blog you should make your way over to her blog. It’s great).

My story actually starts about three years ago. I was in Russia with a group of Americans, and we were getting paired up with a roommate for the two weeks that we were going to be there. Well, it just happened that I got paired up with a woman from Indiana. Her name is Ruthanne, and little did we know that we would become the best of friends. After two weeks we realized it was scary how much we had in common.


Ruthanne and I have had some crazy adventures since Russia as well. We both LOVE to travel (Because, of course, it’s another thing we have in common.) We have gone to the Statue of Liberty. We have toured Chicago, and we’ve had another international trip to Slovakia and the Czech Republic.




The funny thing is that we both started baking right around the same time. Little did we know that we each had started this whole baking journey. Ruthanne is the one that got us started blogging.

All that to say that about a month and a half ago I went to visit her and my other great friends in Indiana. Well, Ruthanne and I talked and planned and shopped. We had a very intense weekend of baking, and had an awesome time with friends (Of course, we just had to throw a party for our friends once we had baked all of our goodies.) It was a weekend to remember. Here are just a few of the things that we created for our friends…

The first thing we did was a chocolate cookie with royal icing. Royal icing is one of my favorite mediums in cake decorating, and I re-introduced Ruthanne to it. It is a love/hate relationship with royal icing. I LOVE it. She HATES it.




The second thing we did were cute cupcakes. Ruthanne had never learned how to make and work with fondant. So, we had a fondant tutorial. Even though she didn’t like the royal icing, I think I was able to convert her to like fondant. 😉



And the last thing we did were super cute mini coffee cups with a mocha flavored icing. I know what you’re thinking…three major projects, a party, and hanging out with friends. I never said it was a relaxing weekend, but it was definitely enjoyable one. (And we had some awesome help, and I got to meet a new friend too. Thanks Miranda, Carlee, and Danielle.)



I am so blessed that God brought, my friend Ruthanne, into my life. Even though she lives in Indiana, and I live in Pennsylvania, I see many years of traveling and baking in front of us. I can’t wait to see what adventure we will go on next.




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