There and back again…….

You know how when you haven’t talked to someone in a while it gets harder and harder to go back and talk to them? Sometimes you never go back. That’s kind of how it’s been with coming back here. When you’ve been away for a long time it’s hard to know what to say when you come back. You talk about coming back but then you never really do it. So much has happened that you don’t know where to start so that makes it even harder. There’s just too much to tell. Or maybe there’s nothing to tell. Not sure which is the case. Anyway, we’re back. It may not be for long but here we are…..


But then there are friends who you haven’t talked to in forever and you can pick up right where you left off. Well, most of you who read our blog are old friends and we know that it will be easy to pick up with you right where we left off.

Our last post was over a year ago, June of 2013. That’s ridiculous. What slackers we are!! Well, writing slackers, not caking slackers. (You may remember if you’ve been reading us from the beginning that caking is the term we use for the entire process of what we do…from baking to fondant to finishing). Although we have certainly slowed down and are trying to not do as many cakes as when we first started, we are still busy most weekends. We just have so many wonderful people that God has placed in our lives that we have a hard time saying no to precious friends. We still have lots of stories to tell… the time we delivered to the wrong location for a kids’ party, only to find out that the right location was on the other side of the valley (yikes)…….or the first time we messed up our schedule and got the date wrong and missed doing a cake. See, like I said, so much to tell…..where does one start?


We’ve had several requests to start writing again. That certainly makes us feel happy, to know that you enjoy hearing from us, but as I said, it’s hard to no where to start. Let’s start with what has changed and what has stayed the same….


We won another cupcake competition last year, and we’ve learned that we absolutely LOVE to do weddings. We’ve done several weddings this past year and thoroughly enjoyed them. We much prefer weddings, bridal showers and baby showers to birthday cakes. As a result, we have tried to back off from the smaller birthday cakes and only schedule larger events. Caking has already taken away so much of our family time and we want to be better guardians of that time, especially since after three miscarriages in one year, my middle daughter is once again pregnant with a baby girl. She has been through a lot trying to conceive and have a healthy baby and I anticipate spending even more time with my grandson, Thatcher, and the new little one who is due in the beginning of November.


We also did a fundraiser for a friend’s daughter who was going to the world Irish dancing competition in London. We auctioned off a cake to the highest bidder and donated 100% to help our friend and her daughter make the trip. Our friend’s daughter came in 22nd in the world!!! We like to think that we had a part in helping her achieve that.

We also have another new member of the family. My family surprised me with another chihuahua in January. Cobian…Cobi for short and if I thought Thistle was a handful….well, Thistle is an angel compared to this little troublemaker that has come to live with us. I’m hoping that, just as Thistle settled down and became my friend, Cobi will as well. I’m afraid we have quite a ways to go before that happens though.


What has stayed the same?

We still love what we do. We still love fondant and gumpaste and making something out of nothing. We still love to see the look on the faces of people who get one of our cakes. We especially love when people, who don’t normally, cry when they see the cake that we’ve designed for them. We love doing multiple cakes for one family. We love when wedding cakes turn into baby shower cakes. We love when one member of a family, who has been the recipient of a cake from us, comes back and requests a cake for another member in their family. We love when people say, “I haven’t had your cake in a while and I need to get one because I’m craving it….” Insert smiley face here.


We still long for a little shop somewhere. I don’t think that will ever change. I know it will never happen and we will always have to be closet bakers but we are still dreaming and hoping for a little place where you can come in, smell wonderful things baking, have a cup of coffee at a little wrought iron table and listen to the French Cafe station playing on Pandora. There will be lovely little confections in the window and a bicycle parked beside the open door…….


Back to cakes…..


Ohhhhhh the cakes we’ve done in this past year. We are really going to try hard to update you on all the cakes that have come and gone through our kitchen. It may take a while but we’ll try to bring you up to speed. We’ll start with an entire blog on the weddings that we’ve done so stay tuned………



4 responses

  1. You absolutely had a huge part in her placement at Worlds! Looking back in the years to come, that will be a part of the story. Thank you! We love you!

    • Thanks, Lorrinda!! We’d been talking about coming back for so long. I actually had a couple of drafts written and never finished them. We’re really going to try to be more faithful!!

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